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Tension rings

Polished rings in tension look
In white gold, platinum, silver, yellow gold and rose gold!
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The Tension Ring is a very special ring style. In a tension ring, a stone is held solely by the ring band. The stone is thus under tension and held in place by the gold. The Niessing company is the leader for high-quality rings of this type. This jewelry manufacture is considered the premium manufacturer of premium tension rings. Niessing is also one of the few companies capable of making rings whose stones are held in place only by the rail. In many cases, the stones, such as diamonds, fall out of the rail. It requires the highest forging skills and especially high barrel level of stones to achieve this quality. Real gold tension ring are unfortunately very expensive and rarely affordable. That's why at BREEDIA we only carry tension ring in tension ring look. Here the gemstone is held by the ring rail and the setting.

1. Simple and elegant, but still a classic: The tension ring

Tension ring as an engagement ring is now a true classic - often in demand, timeless, and wearable for any occasion. tension ring is recognized as engagement rings yet doesn't stand out too much. A must have for anyone who doesn't want a solitaire ring as an engagement ring.

2. The setting of tension rings

In a tension ring the diamond is set level in the ring band. The setter makes sure that the stone does not protrude from the side and is flush with the surface. The stone does not protrude. The diamond is safely protected from impacts or blows in a tension ring. For the setter, tension ring is always a challenge, since a channel must first be milled out of the side of the setting below the metal. The stone must not sit too loosely in the metal, otherwise it could fall out later. Since tension ring is only "set" by skilled setters, tension ring is relatively more expensive than solitaire rings.

3. Why better to buy a tension ring as engagement ring buy and not a solitaire ring?

Tension rings have the advantage that the stones are processed flat. A hanging of the stone on fabrics or edges is therefore not possible. The stone is much more protected and therefore not exposed to so many external influences. This contributes to the longevity of your engagement ring. With a solitaire ring, however, scratching or snagging is possible. Please always consider this before making a purchase.

4. Tension ring made of platinum with diamond from 729 £

Depending on the alloys, diamonds can be set differently in a ring setting. So the diamond can be set in a platinum-tension ring much harder than in a white gold-, or silver-tension ring. For tension ring, therefore, platinum metal is particularly well suited. It is the safest material for your engagement ring.

Useful care tips for tension ring

  • Clean your ring only in an ultrasonic bath. You are welcome to use a toothbrush and light pressure to clean the stone in the process.
  • Do not use soaps or alkalis for cleaning.
  • Check the firm hold of the stone with tweezers and with a "clicker hearing test".
  • Have your white gold tension ring re-rhodium plated by a goldsmith.

5. Tension ring in white gold, yellow gold and rosegold with diamond already from 500 £

Timeless classics, such as a tension ring from white gold with a 0.1 ct. Diamond, you get at BREEDIA from 500 £. white gold is a beautiful, bright shiny metal - ideal for an engagement ring and unbeatable in price.

6. Cheap silver tension ring from 250 - 500 £

In our section "Cheap tension ring" you will find rings made of 925 sterling silver with diamond or Swarovski Zirconia. These beautiful tension ring are also 100% made in Germany in our own manufacture. Qualitatively, silver rings are also very good - but from the degree of hardness can not be compared with white gold or platinum. 

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