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Buy synthetic lab diamonds online for engagement rings

At Breedia in the online store: various IGI certified diamonds from the lab - also for engagement rings!
Learn more: What are cultured diamonds?

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Dreamlike engagement rings with synthetic lab diamonds

The engagement is the first big step before the wedding and a significant moment for the couple. To show the endless love and the bond to the outside world, you present your partner with a very special ring. Many ladies dream of a large gemstone that sparkles and shines on their finger in the entire color spectrum. Fulfill this dream for your future wife and surprise her with a ring crowned by a synthetic diamond.

Engagement rings with synthetic diamonds - a good alternative

Synthetic diamonds are also called laboratory diamonds, because they are produced in the laboratory by technical means. Basically, the man-made stones have the same chemical, physical and optical properties that make natural gemstones so unique. So, synthetically produced gemstones are also made of carbon and are just as hard. This is what distinguishes them from zirconia rings. Zirconia stones are man-made single crystals of zirconium oxide.

Engagement rings with synthetic diamonds - a cost-effective alternative

Laboratory diamonds are synthetically produced and therefore do not have to be mined from the earth at great expense. Even though the production of the gemstones in the laboratory is costly, energy and capital intensive, the synthetically produced gemstones are an inexpensive alternative to the natural stones. Lab-created diamonds are about 30 percent less expensive compared to natural gemstones. So for the same budget, you get a larger stone set.

Engagement rings with stone setting - colored diamonds are also possible

The production of laboratory diamonds in jewelry quality is relatively new and became economically interesting only in the last ten years. It is pleasing to note that the extremely rare colored diamonds can also be produced and are much more affordable than the very rare, natural colored gemstones. Visually, you will not be able to tell the difference between the varieties. Therefore, the laboratory diamonds can be used in rings in the same way, without losing the unique magic of the gemstones.

Engagement rings with synthetic diamonds buy online at BREEDIA

If you are looking for a unique ring for engagement and want to score with an incomparable diamond, then you are in the right place at BREEDIA. With synthetic lab diamonds, you get a new way to find the perfect ring for your future wife. Fulfill your lady of the heart's desire for a classic solitaire ring with an extra large stone. Thanks to synthetic diamonds, this wish does not have to remain a dream. Discover wonderful engagement rings, dreamlike wedding rings or gorgeous partnerrings in our assortment. We will also be happy to advise you on your ring purchase or answer any questions you may have about our assortment. In this case, please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to assist you with advice and support.