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Exclusive engagement rings with precious stones

Say "yes" to engagement rings with gemstones!

With free shipping, case & engraving

Gemstone engagement ring: Which stone should I choose?

You are also looking for an individual gemstone engagement ring? With us, we offer handmade gemstone rings from our German manufacture.
We have the following gemstone engagement rings on offer for you to choose from:

  • » Dreamlike radiant gemstone colors in white, blue red and green
  • » Unique gemstone types like diamond, sapphire, emerald & ruby
  • » Immediately available gemstone rings on request with individual engraving

What are popular gemstones for engagement ring?

For the engagement ring, it has to be a special gemstone. At Breedia Jewelers you have the choice of the following gemstones for your engagement ring: diamond, blue sapphire, emerald & ruby.

The gemstone diamond - king of gemstones

The diamond engagement ring is the most popular gemstone option for the marriage proposal. It is the most purchased stone for engagement rings.

Advantages of diamond gemstone rings:

  • » The hardness: special hardness of the stone
  • » The sparkle: incredible fire and reflections

Trend gemstone sapphire - deep blue reflections

Sapphire is a blue gemstone with deep blue reflections. Its color is has a deep blue marine hue at its best. It is not as hard as the diamond but at least as rare and valuable. The sapphire gemstone is the most popular stone for the engagement ring in our country after the diamond.

The emerald gemstone- green hope

The emerald has the green color of hope. The emerald is a very special well match with yellow gold engagement rings. Emerald rings do not have the fire like sapphires or diamonds but are just right for all fans of the green color with the emerald.