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Pavérings with diamond

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Pavé rings with diamonds - classics in modern times

Pavé rings with diamonds enchant with their unique light refraction. They consist of diamonds set close together, so that the processed precious metal is hardly visible. The pavé setting is a special variant of the rubbed ring setting. The gemstones are set directly into the precious metal and not into a separate setting. For this purpose, material is rubbed out of the precious metal so that a continuous notch is created. This type of ring setting allows for the appearance of a sparkling, paved surface, which gives the setting its name. Translated, the French word means "paving stone."

Pavé rings with diamonds - a glittering spectacle

Pavé rings, despite the fixed ring rail, are available in different variants: On the one hand, jewelry set with gemstones all around and on the other hand, jewelry set only up to half of the ring rail. If you want it even more exclusive, you can also choose a ring with two or more rows of diamonds. In all models, similar to the solitaire ring, there is a larger diamond in the center. The luminosity of this center stone is emphasized in a special way by the ring band set with diamonds, as the incident light can be reflected many times over by this arrangement.

Pavé rings - inexpensive despite diamonds

These luxurious rings score not only with their unique sparkle, but also with their comparatively low price. Due to the fact that the gemstones used have a small size, they are significantly cheaper in price. However, with a pavé setting, the brilliance of a single diamond is still maintained. More stones are needed, so the overall carat value can be relatively high, but gemstone prices are always based on size: the higher the carat number of a gemstone, the more expensive it becomes.

Pavé rings with diamonds - avoid mechanical stresses

A diamond is characterized by its great resistance, mechanical stresses can not harm it. However, since the individual gemstones in pavé settings are very small and the claws are therefore very thin, larger shocks can cause individual gemstones to come loose and require repair. Therefore, it is advisable to take the ring off during manual activities and sports. Of course, this does not detract from the stability against everyday stresses.

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