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White gold engagement rings Banner

White gold engagement rings

Engagement rings white gold with diamond.
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→ What is white gold?

Timeless elegance: engagement rings from white gold

You have found the person with whom you want to share everything and spend your life? Then dare. Ask this unique person the question of all questions - because there can be no greater gift than this love. Engagement is a wonderful tradition to express your unique connection. Are you still searching for the ideal ring for your proposal? Then let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating selection of engagement rings from white gold in our assortment.

Stylish, harmonious, fascinating - a unique hue

More and more couples wish to have a Engagement ring from white gold, even if for a long time yellow gold represented the most popular variant for jewelry. One reason that jewelry made from this precious metal is so popular is that it harmonizes with any skin type. That is why an engagement ring from white gold also represents a good choice if you want to surprise your partner. If you choose a piece of jewelry from this precious metal, namely, you can be sure that it will match the hair color and skin tone of your partner. Moreover, a ring bar made of white gold can be combined with any precious stone, whether diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby. Another reason for the growing popularity of white gold alloys is that the technical procedures for producing this alloy have been simplified. Thus, it is possible that larger quantities of this exclusive and precious alloy can be produced and turned into magnificent pieces of jewelry by goldsmiths.

More intense brilliance with white gold settings

Certainly, a special optical effect also contributes to the growing popularity of engagement rings made of white gold. This is because this precious metal accentuates the effect of diamonds and gemstones in a very special way. The diamond sparkles particularly nobly in the bright white gold setting, so its brilliance is additionally intensified. The gemstones even appear larger in a ring made of white gold, because the colors do not stand out from each other due to the brilliance of the gemstone and the white reflective surface of the precious metal. Starting in 1900, goldsmiths of the Edwardian era used this effect quite purposefully, preferring to use white gemstones, such as diamonds, in brooches, rings and necklaces made of white gold.

Facts about engagement rings from white gold at a glance

» Color: yellowish to grayish, is additionally refined with rhodium

» You have the choice between two different alloys.
   -> Choose between 14 kt and 18 kt to suit your budget

» Brilliance: The diamond sparkles in the bright setting particularly noble

» Special hardness: ring bars made of this precious metal are very robust and durable

» Refurbishing: More often possible than silver

» High wearing comfort

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White gold engagement rings experience!

This characterizes the different white gold alloys

white gold is created by fusing gold, silver and palladium. By adding the other metals, the gold is deprived of its rich yellowish color. The respective mixing ratio is indicated by a certain carat number (kt.). Usually, 14 or 18 carat alloys are used for engagement rings. An 18 ct. alloy has a 75% gold content, which is why it is also referred to as 750 gold. A 14 kt alloy has a 58.5% gold content. A speciality is the white gold alloy with 9 kt. or 37.5% gold content. Rings made of this alloy have a higher weight than a silver ring. This characteristic leads to the fact that they have a special feel, which many people find very pleasant. However, over time, the rhodium coating dissolves and the strong yellowish tint of white gold appears.

You can order wonderful white gold rings for your dream partner at BREEDIA

Discover gorgeous ring designs and find your favorite. Make your partner's eyes sparkle and surprise your chosen one with a beautiful white gold ring for engagement Diamond rings, exclusive models or classic designs and many more ring designs are available for you to choose from. If you have any questions about your dream ring and need advice, we are here for you. Do not hesitate and call us or write us an email.