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Engagement rings from platinum Banner

Engagement rings from platinum

Buy engagement rings with diamond from luxury 950 platinum online.
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→ What is platinum?

White gold or platinum engagement rings?

You have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Together with your partner you have enjoyed an exquisite dinner. You sit opposite each other in the candlelight, look into each other's eyes - time seems to stand still. You rise, your partner looks at you questioningly. The questioning mine turns into a joyful glow as you pull the engagement ring out of your pocket, get on your knees in front of your partner and ask the question of all questions. The gleam of the wonderful platinum ring is only surpassed by the happy glow of your partner's eyes as they admire the wonderful piece of jewelry from platinum. If you are looking for a proposal ring that will bring that magical smile to your future spouse's beautiful face, then let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating engagement rings from platinum, which you will find in our assortment. 

Worth knowing and advantages of platinum rings at a glance:

» Purity: 950 PT high degree of purity optimal for allergy sufferers!
» Brilliance: The diamond is optimally staged and securely protected
» Hardness: Particularly scratch-resistant, robust and durable
» Refurbishing: More often possible than white gold or silver
» Wearing comfort: Particularly pleasant feel due to the high specific weight of platinum
» Color: Chromatically bright - no color change over time as with silver or white gold

What is the advantage of platinum rings over gold rings?

Platinum rings for engagement are becoming more and more popular. Because the precious metal not only looks elegant and exclusive, ring bars made of platinum are also hard and robust. That's why platinum jewelry is not susceptible to scratches and can take a beating in everyday life. Even if your engagement ring should show signs of wear, then these can be easily removed. Unlike gold rings, which require polishing to remove the top layer, the ring does not lose weight when you remove the scratches. If you wish your proposal ring to be crowned by a sparkling diamond, then you should choose a ring band made of platinum from a weight of 0.5 carats. In this way, the stone is more securely set and will not be damaged even by light impacts. Another characteristic of platinum rings is that, unlike silver jewelry, they do not tarnish or discolor. Therefore, platinum also requires less care than rings made of gold.

The proposal ring in platinum - discover a symbol of your love at BREEDIA

An engagement ring in platinum is meant to last forever and is therefore a wonderful symbol of your love.  The metallic, silver color remains unchanged for a long time and harmonizes especially with diamonds. Discover these fascinating sips and surprise your partner with a very special exclusive and elegant engagement ring in platinum. Take advantage of the opportunity to customize your dream ring and configure it according to your ideas. Also, do not miss to take a look at our selection of gorgeous rings made of white gold, romantic rosegold or classic silver. If you have any questions or would like some advice, we will be happy to help. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will support you and together we will find the ideal engagement ring for you and your partner.