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Solitaire rings: classic proposal rings Banner

Solitaire rings: classic proposal rings

Classic solitaire rings with diamond or cubic zirconia buy online at BREEDIA!
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What is a solitaire ring?

Only at jeweler BREEDIA: High quality rings for engagement in silver, white gold, platinum or rosegold. Discover our exquisite engagement ring collection for your unique day. Classic engagement rings - 100% Made in Germany from our own manufactory: All engagement rings are handmade by master goldsmiths in the jewelry capital Pforzheim! All classic engagement rings rings in this category can be combined very well with a wedding ring.

The classics among the proposal rings are the solitaires. With a solitaire, the stone is always in the center of the ring - usually this is a round brilliant. It is responsible for the enchanting sparkle that makes women's hearts beat faster. It is held by small metal pins, the so-called lobes. The jewel setter cuts small recesses into the prongs, into which the stone is set.

white gold is one of the most popular alloys for solitaire rings and not without reason. The bright silver color and the white diamond give a perfect interplay. This can be processed in various setting techniques by the goldsmith to be optimally set in scene. The most popular variants are solitaire rings from white gold with 6 prongs, such as the ring model The One.



Advantages solitaire rings

» Diamond is the center of attention

» Good combinability with wedding rings

» Different stone sizes and qualities possible 

Disadvantages solitaire rings:

» Danger of getting stuck


Which setting should I choose?

The classic solitaire has a setting with 6 prongs (6 delicate studs that hold the stone). However, the number of prongs can vary in solitaire rings. Over the past few decades, many thousands of creations have been made with three, four, six or more prongs. Not only are prongs functional and hold the stone, but they also contribute to the design of the ring. In a solitaire ring with six prongs, the diamond is more hidden by the setting when viewed from the side. The stone is less visible from the side profile. In variants with 4 prongs, the view of the sparkling diamond is better. So, four prongs have the advantage that less precious metal covers the stone and thus, in case of doubt, makes the stone sparkle a little more. From a purely technical point of view, 6 prongs are logically more functional (safer), so only four prongs. Therefore, if you do not want to take any risk, you should always choose 6 prongs.

Customers often also ask: What are the differences between 4 and 6 prong settings?

Zwei Solitär Ringe mit 4er und 6er Krappenfassung

When choosing a setting, the precious metal must also be taken into consideration. For example, diamonds can be set much harder in platinum rings than in silver or white gold rings. Please keep this in mind when making a purchase. It is not without reason that platinum is the hardest and most expensive precious metal.

Solitaire rings with bezel setting are also very popular. In this setting, the upper main facets of the diamond are encased in a metal. This is called a bezel. While the bezel setting offers optimal protection from impact, it is somewhat less popular due to its shape (the stone is less visible).

The perfect preset engagement ring

Engagement rings with a stone in the prong setting are predestined to be worn together with a wedding ring.

Solitärring als Vorsteckring mit Ehering an Hand

Care instructions for solitaire rings

  • Clean your ring only in an ultrasonic bath, you can also clean the stone with a toothbrush and light pressure
  • Do not use soaps or lyes for cleaning
  • Check the firm hold of the stone with a pair of tweezers
  • Have your white gold solitaire ring rhodium-plated regularly by a goldsmith


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