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Flawless diamond engagement rings

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Engagement rings with flawless diamonds

If you want the quality of the diamond for the engagement ring to be on par with the relationship you have with your loved one, flawless diamonds are the first choice. Such a gemstone is free from any impurities and inclusions and is found extremely rarely. On the lady's hand, a flawless diamond ring sparkles with the utmost brilliance and radiance, making the engagement one of the most beautiful moments in life.

Features for classification

In addition to color, weight and cut, clarity is one of the most important criteria for determining the quality of a gemstone. If a diamond is flawless, it belongs to the highest quality level and is accordingly valuable. To be traded in this category, the diamond must not show any blemishes under a microscope at tenfold magnification. Such stones are very rare in nature, because usually the gemstones have inclusions of different sizes. Magnifier-clean diamonds, on the other hand, must be absolutely free of embedded foreign materials.

Internally flawless

This is the international term for a flawless stone. The perfect gemstones impress with the highest possible brilliance and appear absolutely harmonious within themselves due to their perfect purity. As an engagement ring, a flawless diamond ring is wonderfully suitable. In terms of color, flawless diamonds also vary from G (fine white) to D (ultra-fine white). Different carat weights of the stones are the main indicator of the large price differences within this quality level. In most cases, a solitaire ring is selected for engagement rings, in which the stone is the focal point and is attached to the ring band by means of a prong setting - this shows off its purity particularly beautifully.

With the configurator to the individual piece of jewelry

No matter how you want your diamond ring to look, our configurator makes it easy to put together your own personal piece of jewelry. Choose from our models the one you like best and decide on an engagement ring in cool white gold, warm yellow gold, fashionable rosegold or precious platinum. Now add the matching diamond, flawless and beautiful, and you have the engagement ring that is sure to make the bride-to-be shine. A diamond ring with flawless stone in brilliant cut or in any other cut shape is probably the most beautiful gift that can be presented for engagement.

Engagement ring with flawless diamonds - buy online at BREEDIA

We are proud of our large assortment and are very happy to offer you precious engagement rings and flawless diamonds. Not sure which model to choose? Our competent and friendly customer service will be happy to advise and assist you in choosing and ordering your diamond ring. Contact us and convince yourself of our service package!